OBJParser is a fast, efficient, and open-source modern C++ parser for the OBJ and MTL file formats. It supports fully both file standards (OBJ, MTL) as well as unofficial, but widely adopted, optional statements.

It has a dependency of Boost C++, specifically the Spirit library. Spirit itself is a header-only library and so no external binaries are required. There is also optional support for the Boost Iostreams library to make use of memory-mapped files. Employing memory-mapped files can result in performance improvements, but necessitates the need for the Iostreams binary.

More information of dependencies and other topics may be found in the documentation.

Comments & Questions

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Version 1.0.0
June 10, 2016

  • Full official OBJ support
  • Full official MTL support
  • Emissive unofficial MTL support
  • Sample program