Below is a listing of projects I worked on in my personal time. Unless otherwise noted, all work was done solo.

Beyond the Storm (2021 - Present)

Not much to say at this point. But feel free to check out the version update rambles:

Realms (2018 - 2021)

2D turned 3D roguelike developed in Unity using the Data-Orientated Technology Stack (DOTS) and Entity Component System (ECS) architecture.

A lot was accomplished in this, but it was deemed that too much work was still needed to make a final product considering the state of DOTS at the time. One day I really should do a proper post-mortem on it, but until then there are two development blogs about it:

WebGL Experiments (2019)

Various experiments using WebGL which are worked on sporadically.

For more information, see the GitHub repository:

Ocular Engine (2014 - 2018)

A C++14 rendering engine with features such as:

  • Direct3D and OpenGL renderers
  • Resource Subsystem
  • Event Subsystem
  • Keyboard/Mouse Input
  • Scene Editor built with Qt and custom reflection

After over 500 commits I have decided to retire Ocular. It was a blast to work on and I learned a ton. If I were to do it again, I would do it very differently but that is the nature of these projects. Try something new out and see how it works.

I think it definitely deserves at least a retrospective in the future.


noisegen (2017)

A web-based coherent noise generation tool, implemented using JavaScript and HTML5.

  • Coherent noise algorithms (Perlin, Simplex, Wavelet, Worley, Diamond-Square, etc.)
  • Pure noise algorithms (XorShift32, XorShift128, WELL512, CMWC131104, MT128, MT19937, etc.)
  • Grayscale and color palette manipulation
  • Multi-threaded using workers for maximum* performance.


* Nowadays I would offload most/all of the noise implementations to shaders for true maximum performance.

OBJParser (2016)

A fast, efficient, and easy-to-use parser for the OBJ and MTL file formats, built with C++14 using the Boost Spirit library. Originally intended for use in the Ocular Engine, it has been released as a completely stand-alone library.


Embers of Caerus (2012 - 2013)

Served as a graphics and engine programmer as part of an international group of volunteers developing a sandbox, open PvP MMO using the Havok Vision engine.

Worked on a host of systems including: shaders, texturing, water rendering, optimizations, etc.

Unfortunately, in the end the project did not pan out but it was great fun to be a part of it.

Website: (courtesy of the Internet Archive)