Site Redesign (and 2019 Goals)

A new year brings with it countless possibilities, including the very unlikely possibility of redesigning my personal website. For several years now I have proclaimed on the front page

This site is currently a landing spot for my personal projects, though it is in dire need of a revamp.

and 2019 is the perfect time for that revamp. So out with the old (very badly used Hexo) and in with the new (only somewhat badly used Hugo). Though lets not get ahead of ourselves, this redesign is not touching any of my other sites such as:

We do have to leave something for 2020.

With the main site’s facelift complete, I can now focus on my other 2019 goals, which hopefully I find enough free time to complete one of.

  • Continue the slow, but steady, progress on Realms.
  • Produce one blog post a month (very ambitious).
  • Create a new Shadertoy each month (even more ambitious).
  • Revamp to use WebGL instead of it’s current abuse of the poor HTML5 Canvas.

So with that, wish me luck and we will see how poorly I achieved my goals at the end of December.